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Enables companies to stay up2date in their business by employing skilled human resourceson technologically and economically competitive software solutions. We specialize in providing personnel for technological markets in Europe.

We recruit and retain the best people in IT & Telecommunications, Banking & Finance and Automotive industry for the needs of our clients.

About us

Up2date Data, today, has a presence in Asia and Europe

The founders bring with them varied experience in Software development, Research, Consulting & Management.

Up2date offers the whole software cycle management solution which comprises Development, Testing Support and Maintenance. Up2dateData is focused on in the IT & Telecommunications, Automotive, Banking and Finance Verticals by employing trained manpower which is dedicated to Quality and proven skill sets.

Going by our business model of onsite consulting and off shore development, we have our state of the art development centre located in the southern Indian city of Bangalore (India's silicon valley) and our onsite consulting and support facilitating centre in the Scenic town of Ulm in the south of Germany.

Development centre:

Bangalore has over the past decade established itself as an ideal location for outsourcing software development projects. it major strengths include:

A thriving population of highly proficient IT experts
Large percentage of population is computer literate
Salubrious climate
Large youth / student population
Lower software development costs
Presence of major global IT companies

Onsite consulting and support facilitating centr

Germany is easily accessible from all the Western European Countries, making it an almost obvious choice as the location of a central client support and marketing centre for the European market.
Ulm City is strategically located between Munich and Stuttgart, very near to several of Germany's large industrial houses such as DaimlerChrysler, BMW and Siemens. It is also situated almost at the foothills of the Alps, making it a very idyllic location. also, being located in southern Germany, it is close to several of Europe's major cities such as Paris and Zurich.

Following are the most common issues (that we have encountered) that affect a smooth transition from client requirements to product deliverable in the outsourcing model:

1) The ‘nickel and dime syndrome: Most outsourcing companies tend to fall back on this technique once the contract has been signed and the client came up with an idea for an enhancement or change in specification.

The up2date way: Requirements gathering will be a two sided process, with a requirements analyst from our side working with the client's business analysts and design team. The requirement analyst's job however doesn’t end with the signing of the contract. He will continue to act as a buffer between the development team and the design / testing team back at the client's site. The contract type will also accommodate possibilities of such eventualities.

2) Contract termination problems: Companies sometimes find themselves in situations where they are stuck with a software provider due to an ill thought out contract.

The up2date way: We believe that the best results are obtained when both parties are happy with the contract. We are basically a group of people who love to work with computers and in the process deliver quality solutions to our clients. We are open to forming quasi partnership contracts with our clients so that it becomes easier for the client to believe that we have a working interest in getting the show on the road. And if, in the worst case, the client is unhappy with the relationship and wishes to terminate the contract, we will act in the best interests of the partnership.

3) Inflexible contracts: The ultimate dilemma between the client who wants to constantly implement improvements in the software design or functionality and the software vendor who wants to freeze the specs so he can tell his development team what exactly to develop.

The up2date way: Mostly a design and pricing issue. Ref: req gathering and contracting

4) loss of in house expertise: Clients often feel that by outsourcing their software development, they would be left at a loss if and when the provider is no longer available.

The up2date way: A software existence life cycle. Lifetime service. Training. Documentation.

5) Conflict of interest: Many software developing companies tend to shift their workforce between projects in order to meet deadlines or increase business, the client base and eventually, profits.

The up2date way: A minimum resident team is maintained depending on the project status. this is usually decided during the requirements gathering phase and the formation of project timelines and goals.

If you have a concern that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to discuss the matter with you


Being focussed on Technological and Software Applications aspects Up2date Data can offer You the following

Up2date Data offer rich range of Products and Services for the IT & Telecommunications, Banking & Finance and Automotive Industries


Programming and Consulting

Project Management
Concept & Methods
Software Architecture Development & Implementations
Workflow & Change Management Solutions
Offshore Development & Documentations
Quality Assurance

Technology Integration & Solutions:

Infrastructure & Systems Management
Communication & Network Management
Onsite Support & Roll-Outs
Telecommunication Solutions ( for 2G & 3G Technologies )
eBusiness & B2B Business Technologies
Supporting Automotive part designing
Security Management


DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany

Infotechnik Rietschel GmbH

Y-Axis Solutions (P) Ltd, India

Apollo Healthstreet (P) Ltd, India

Freedoo AB, Sweden


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